Monday, April 3, 2017

What comes after 92.... Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

Last year Doris Day celebrated her 92nd birthday... What's her age today?....

You'd say 93... I say Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps.

Actually you're wrong... She just found out she's 95...or so it seems... Are you ready to take a journey down the years?... A Sentimental Journey.

Doris Day's first big hit came in 1945 with the Les Brown orchestra in what she calls the 'happiest times of her life'. In the years following, she was persuaded to audition for Romance on the High Seas that sparked of a movie career of 20 years... I think I need to take a break now... and grab a cup of tea... just for me, not Tea For Two.

What's the secret to her longevity? Just pause a second... and think.... have you got something.... now smile... Cause When You're Smiling...

What's her goal in life... To live till a hundred and three? or maybe she just going to wait and see... cause Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be).

 We'd like to see you for another five years, to wish you a hundred.



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