Monday, April 10, 2017

Jump Jive and Wail

Was walking down the street yesterday with my boys... and noticed a cat perched on the wall in a corner that would later in the day be occupied by the fish mongers. We've all been warned about the black cats crossing the road... I remember some friends turning around on their bicycles and riding a short distance if a stray cat crossed their paths... and then turning back to their destinations... Also had lots of good friends who were die hard cat lovers and we would desperately try to avoid the cats when we visited them...

But today, our topic here is not really the cats... but a band called the Stray Cats whose front man went on to create an orchestra in 1990. 

Check out the Brian Setzer Orchestra with the Stray Cat Strut.

Remember The Mask with Jim Carey and Cameron Diaz. The movie was a fantastic comedy... and had some rocking music... with a really upbeat rhythm... And the soundtrack of the film has this rocker from the BSO - Straight Up.

Talking of movies, Brian Setzer played Rock n Roll legend Eddie Cochran in the 1987 musical La Bamba based on the life of Richie Valens... And with summer on the anvil, here are the Summertime Blues.

Its going to be Summertime Blues in full swing for 58 year-old Brian Setzer... He's going to be taking his Rockability Riot across the US and Europe as well... Rock This Town.

And if you get that rhythm and got music in your veins, you'd probably be tapping your feet... and you were at a party, you could Jump Jive and Wail.

Growing up in the 80s, we just loved that beat at parties and weddings... In fact in my band days in the 90s, we had a 30-40 minute Jive set and there'd be A Whole Lotta Shakin'. This is a collaboration with Jerry Lee Lewis - another Rock n Roll legend of the 60s.

If you enjoy Rock n Roll, you should check out Brian Setzer's Christmas and Holiday Music as well... Will have to wait a few months for that though...

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