Monday, December 21, 2015

Favorite Pastimes - Crossword or Story?

Living in Mumbai requires a lot of travel. Even after a year in the city, I'm still too nervous to drive on the crowded city roads. The best mode of public transport in Mumbai and extending further than ever before is the suburban rail network. 

Travelling by train today, the only way people seem to pass their time is on the internet - (I'm as guilty as about anyone). Most of us are interacting online on social media - Facebook and WhatsApp being the most popular. 

I did a quick retake to the days of yore - not too long ago - when people spent their travel time on a more intelligent pursuit - KNOWLEDGE.

The morning hours would see most people poring over their newspapers or the Readers' Digest and sometimes novels in English, Hindi and Marathi - checking out news or reading the classics or popular stories. In the evenings, the paper would more likely be the smaller tabloid when there would be less reading and more racking of brains to solve the word jumble - while the more articulate would try to crack the crossword - mostly the simple but sometimes the cryptic. 

Today the 21st of December celebrates these two intelligent travel pastimes. 

21st December is

In keeping with the theme of the day, I thought I'd share with you exactly that. With Christmas later this week, just stay with the theme. 

First the story about the "Real Meaning of Christmas" - The True Meaning of Christmas

And to help you celebrate Crossword Puzzle Day - here's a Christmas Music crossword puzzle just for you... Christmas Crossword Puzzle.

So read it and solve it...and if you like it, share it as well.

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