Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Farms, Roots, Vegetables - and Music as well.

Christmas is round the corner. And a friend of mine just posted a Christmas song she wrote and composed, spoofing Mumbai's beef ban - titled 'A Vegetarian Christmas'

Today, 23rd December is celebrated as 'National Farmers' Day' in India. Marking the birthday of a departed farmer leader, Chaudary Charan Singh, we celebrate our farmers today who grow our grain, fruits, vegetables, etc. In today's challenging times of global warming and climate change, we salute all India's farmers with this memorable dedication from Bollywood.

It's ironical though that in the US today is observed as Roots Day - not for the plant 'roots' but more about tracking your family 'roots'. While doing an internet search recently, I landed on a site that traced my family roots back to 1770. Interestingly compiled. How much do you know your Roots? Go ahead, find out... 

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