Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Can you identify these singers...

One from the American country, the other from the heart of the Kingdom. 
One started in the 70s, the other in the 90s. 
But they have something in common.......

When I started singing in the band in 1992, our Rock n Roll (Jive) set would invariably start with this rocking tune from a country singer.

Billy Ray Cyrus hit the top of the charts in May 1992 with 'Achy Breaky Heart'. Yes, the song won many many hearts indeed... and is a favorite for 'Line Dancing' which has been catching up across the world...including the suburb of Chembur - where I spent my growing years. 

I remember having a cassette of Billy Ray Cyrus and listening to it on the walkman on the way to work. The other song I liked on that album was a sad song about relationships - She's Not Crying Anymore.

Moving on in life...over to the Middle East, got married, had kids and worked hard to make ends meet - quite often even the short weekends,,, Then one day, I was listening to a collection from Billy Ray Cyrus, that brought me back to earth. 

What's so special about Billy Ray Cyrus today? It's his birthday today (25th August) and also the birthday of my darling wife. Another singer who shares the same birthday singing this wonderful tribute to 'the Woman' that was first sung around the year she was born - SHE.


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