Friday, August 21, 2015

Country Chicken and Love Songs

The 'knight in shining armor' and a shimmering beard. He's served us Chicken in his restaurant, taken us in trains to bars (and even a courtroom) across the American Country. He's fallen in love (and sometimes out of it) many times. 

That's Kenny Rogers...and it's his birthday today. 77 and still going strong.

The first time I recall hearing this legendary voice was way back in 1983 listening to some music on the cassette player (some of you may not know what that is). The collection titled "Greatest Hits" started of with "Lady" and went on to tell some interesting tales from out there in the country - about that boy who was called the "Coward of the County" or travelling with "The Gambler" or sitting in the bar with "Lucille" or the stern judge in "Long Arm of the Law". I remember singing "Lucille" for a competition. 

Besides a storyteller, Kenny Rogers' songs have also been dedications of love. I've sung them in the band or spun them as the DJ or played them on the radio with anniversary wish requests - "You Decorated My Life" or "Through The Years" 

While I've enjoyed his music, I've loved the chicken at "Kenny Rogers Roasters" the few times I got to, before the franchise left the Middle East. Unfortunately, they aren't around in Mumbai either. 

Though I don't spend time in bars, this song of his sounds very different from the rest. And has a catchy beat of sorts. 

For all the music we've enjoyed, we wish Kenny Rogers, a very happy birthday and many more years of great music. May he always be filled with love to 'lift him' higher. 

What's your favorite Kenny Rogers' song? 

Tell me which other singers and musicians you like.. we could talk about them. 

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