Friday, July 24, 2015

The Kitchen Band

"5 Modern Musical Instruments that You’ve Never Heard of Before"

I landed on this link while browsing the internet. And my mind raced back to an interesting group competition we used to have at Summer Camp in Chembur way back then.

The "Kitchen Band" was more a test of creativity than musical talent. The contest saw a wide array of instruments including drums, chimes, bass ... and lots more.

The big wooden crate doubled' up at the 'big bass drum' and at the same time the base of the 'double bass'. Mounted on the box was a 4ft stick with a nylon rope tied to the far end, which the other end of the rope secured to the big box. All shapes and sizes of saucepans and plastic buckets were the 'snare' and the 'toms', while steel plates served as the 'crash cymbals'.

There were all kinds of chimes - a long stick on which were tied spoons of all sizes. And the delicate melody was played on the 'xylobottles' - Good old 'Dukes soda' or 'milk' bottles filled with different levels of water to make a distinct sound. Glass bowls or steel bowls or even glass tumblers were other alternatives.

Each of the four teams would make a whole lot of noise performing on the stage at the Sevadaan. The competition was in the spirit of fun. And the evening celebrated "Teamwork in Cacophony".

To all my friends in the Summer Club Chemburites, here's celebrating the good times we had. Maybe we should have our kids organize their own kitchen band performances and relive those happy memories.


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