Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Music, Digital Marketing, CRM ... all rolled in one

I earned the first cash ever...from music.

After graduation and post-graduation, it's Marketing that pays the bills. Over the past few weeks, I've been spending time with with senior MBA students teaching Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Analytics at a Media and Communications institute in Pune and Digital Marketing at a premier management school in Mumbai

I came across an excellent case study that has 
  • some lovely country music, 
  • a story on the importance of Great Customer Service and Customer Relationships
  • and the exponential power of Digital Media. 

This is not my story...but it goes out as a lesson to all past, present and future marketeers.

For the students among us, here are the lessons explained.

A colleague of mine at the DM agency I worked at for many years would always joke about me singing a song about the Marketing Services we provided.

Well Alex, hope to write a song some day... not about "fried letters" or "toasted labels". Looking at these videos for inspiration.

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