Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Mission Music

Around once every three years, during the liturgical season of Lent, we have Lenten Missions at our parish - OLPS Chembur. I guess the same applies to most parishes around the world - while some would have it more frequently. 

And this is the time, we are called to look into our lives and watch where we are walking. Living in Mumbai, one needs to be extra careful about where we place our steps. But this week that passed was more about gaining the inspiration on how to take the Walk of Life - not the Dire Straits type. Actually, was referring to the Footsteps Walking With Me.

There's this beautiful story that I heard about the Footprints in the sand... Got a nice version of this in a Blue Ridge Mountain Gospel album that I haven't managed to find online. Here's a different version of the same story in the voice of Cristy Lane - hers was possibly the first Gospel music cassette I remember us owning for her most famous rendition of One Day At A Time. 

Well indeed He carries us all as we move along the journey of life. Here's a more contemporary version of Footprints in the Sand from Leona Lewis. 

It doesn't matter whether we are walking on the sands of the beach or on the concrete of the footpaths, or more importantly on the figurative streets on the journeys of life. And talking of walking, my mind races back to this 1954 operatic rendition by Mario Lanza in The Student Prince - I'll Walk With God.

Sometimes the road may seem too long and difficult... but then the only way out is to surrender our lives to the hands of the master contractor... who can construct roadways through the wilderness or rivers through the desert... and as the Bible says - walking ground in the middle of the Red Sea... God Will Make A Way.

That song has a deeper meaning for me.... Everytime that song is sung at our parish, I have a host of people I meet after the service... reminding me that this was one of Dad's favorite songs.... 

As I sit here penning this post, my mind races back to Palm Sunday, four years ago, doing the finishing touches before relocating back to Mumbai. And what a journey it has been for me and the family over the last four years.... God has been with us, every step of the way.... through all the trials of life, with God making His Way in our lives... 

As I sign off on this post... I wish you all the touch of the Almighty in this coming week as we journey with Jesus on the Way of the Cross, in to the tomb and then to the glory of the Resurrection. Have a Blessed Holy Week. 

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