Thursday, September 1, 2016

The First of September

Time flies... and we already in September... A month of changes.... A month of feasts and celebrations... and lots more... and a month of birthdays... generally a month to look forward to... Come September

Among the birthdays today, is my younger sister who used to co-croon with me in the mid 90s. And this song by a Latino singer who celebrates a #FamousBirthday today was part of our set...

Gloria Estefan - Turn The Beat Around

Did you enjoy all those beats... The beat of the drum... It's also the birthday of the first ever drummer that I encountered (a classmate of mine in school - Lincoln), who's been playing a lot of the drums all these years. 

The first Gloria Estefan music I heard made big waves in India having been the inspiration of a Hindi movie song that contributed to making 'Tridev' a blockbuster in 1989. The song Rhythm's Gonna Get You.

Gloria Estefan used to perform with Miami Sound Machine - a band formed by husband Emilio Estefan Jr as part of the Miami Sound Machine.

My sis also did a mean falsetto imitation. Not surprising considering she shares her birthday with one of the world's best falsetto. For the uninitiated, falsetto is the unusually high-pitched sound that has been a characteristic of the BeeGees that you hear in Stayin' Alive

Barry Gibb - at 70 today is the only surviving member of the BeeGees (after the demise of brothers Maurice and Robin). He will soon be releasing his his solo album 'In the Now' again a family effort. Report say that the 12 tracks on the album are co-written with sons Stephen and Ashley (for more info, check out this video report)

Check out more #MusicalBirthday for regular updates on Birthdays in the music industry. I'll leave you with one of my favorites from the BeeGees collections - this one live... How Deep Is Your Love.

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