Thursday, July 14, 2016

La Fête Nationale

C'est la fête nationale française.  

I'd be careful to write further in French, since my French teacher from school - Mme. Sylvia Coutinho - regularly reads this blog. And this was the first song I learnt to sing in French. 


In celebration of the French National Day, here are some of the other French interesting songs you may have heard. 

La Vie En Rose

I saw an English version of this song on the TV show 'How I Met Your Mother'. It's been a hit for Louis Armstrong as well as Donna Summer. But the original in French is by Edith Paif. 

Dur Dur Etre Bebe

Seated at work next to a couple of new parents and overhear quite a lot of sharing about the baby's antics. Came across this song in the early days of MTV India - Dur Dur d'etre Bebe - It's so hard to be a baby.

Chanson d'Amour

Paris is called the 'City of Love', and this French song is indeed the 'Song of Love' - Chanson d'Amour. Let's hear it live from Manhattan Transfer.

If you are in France - Bon Fête. And for the rest of you, Au Revoir...

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