Tuesday, March 21, 2017

If I Were A Rich Man...

Who doesn't want to be rich! How rich do you want to be?

Lets throwback to the year 1855, with a 16-year-old bookkeeper from Cleveland - Ohio whose greatest ambitions were to earn $100,000 and to live 100 years. While he fell about 25 months short of the 100 years, he made 1000 times as much money to become the first billionaire in 1916 making his name synonomous with MONEY - Mr. John D. Rockefeller. 

Soon after came The Great Depression of the 1920s and the Rockefellers were inspiration to all. They even got mentions in songs of the time including this one by Irving Berlin in 1927 - Putting On A Ritz.

Not much later in 1930 came this jazz standard which I've sung fifty to sixty years later - On The Sunny Side Of The Street.

From the Manhattan skyline to the Gulf Coast, the impact of the Rockefeller family is hard to miss - the University of Chicago, founded by John D. Sr., to the Rockefeller Center constructed by John D. Jr.

The most famous of the Rockefellers in recent times has been David Rockefeller who surpassed his grandfathers age ambition having lived to 101. Less than twenty-four hours ago, David Rockefeller passed away at his home at Pocantico Hills in New York.

The former CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank (now JPMorgan Chase) has also been known for his contribution to philantrophic contributions. He was also a confidant of world leaders, from Deng Xiaoping in China to Nelson Mandela in South Africa, from the shah of Iran to Henry Kissinger. The world will miss this Rockefeller


(with inputs from Forbes.com - The Rockefellers: The Legacy Of History's Richest Man - Carl O'Donnell)

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