Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mumbai Deluge 2908


That's exactly what we saw in Mumbai yesterday...

Stepped on the train running some 10 minutes late on what appeared to be a normal wet day. Reached office in good time, looking forward to the long day ahead... and got busy right away.

As the day progressed, there were comments about the rain, and the only colour I could see outside the glass windows was GREY... but that didn't matter. It's rained heavily before. And as the day progressed, the reports started coming in.... videos, images across news channels and the craziest network of all - WhatsApp... and the one question on everyone's mind was Who'll Stop The Rain.

As the afternoon progressed, the warnings started getting louder... The Tide Is High... or soon going to be...

As the office announced a rain day, four of us headed out to Chembur stepped out in the rain... but soon we lost two, who returned back to starting point... A short walk to the station and spotted the stalled trains... moved on to the junction further to see crowds waiting on the streets looking for taxis. After a brief walk to and back, we jumped into the first bus we could get on... reached the destination and hopped onto another, this time to Wadala Depot... With a dead battery on my phone and a dying one on my colleagues, we managed to get some power on our phones, thanks to a nice security guard, and some rest at the canteen, filled with stranded people trying to figure out how to move ahead... Keep On Moving...

A couple of hours and cups of tea later, the buses were ready to get to service... So off we stepped on for the next leg of our journey... the bus started, it moved and at the first junction the snacks came in through every window of the bus and got passed on... Five minutes more that then we reached the clog... the bus was on an absolute crawl... One hour... and then two... as we saw people wade alongside in knee-deep and then even waist-deep water... There was absolutely no stopping them... One brief glance outside and I spotted a colleague who lives in far away Mira Road walking in the flood waters... I tried calling to confirm it was her, but no response.... the phones were buzzing... An elderly gentleman getting a call every 20 minutes, to check on his progress. Others were posting messages home... Got a few calls from family and friends offering refuge... but we were moving...

Got off at the designated stop... and crossed the street for the last leg of our journey... and a car moving ahead stopped to offer a ride... but not in our direction... Crossed the bridge hoping for another one of those... With no rickshaws in sight, we hailed the first car we saw... and got a big welcome smile... a couple of minutes later, I stepped into the comfort of home... 

Lots to be grateful for.... It might have taken long, but it could have been much harder... Most of all, we didn't need to wade in the drain waters of Matunga and Sion... We just drove through, slowly but surely... 

Thought about the days in the past, when I've negotiated floods in Mumbai... and even in Dubai where I've driven to flooded roads that took three days and lots and lots of pumps to clear. Yes, the rain gives us some crazy days... but these are tests that we need to make the life an adventure... and of course, we need the rain to feed us.... The Rain Song.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Happy Friendship Day

'Twas the First Sunday of August two years ago, and I spent some time writing a blog post to celebrate #FriendshipDay - Happy Friendship Day. The next few days got me a host of connections on Facebook and Twitter from a host of old friends - from school, colleges, work places and just other people I met someplace sometime. 

Over the past few weeks I've had the opportunity to connect back with friends in school to work towards the celebration of OLPS DIAMOND JUBILEE ALUMNI REUNION as my school (and now the school of my kids) celebrates 60 years of existence. And as I reminisce of the years gone by while enjoying the thrill of being back in Mumbai, I thought I'd share my favorite friendship tunes from the Hindi movies...

Starting with the Friendship Anthem of the movies, from the biggest blockbuster of the 70s - SHOLAY - Yeh Dosti.

Back in the 70s, there was also this powerful song that compared friendship to faith and life.... ZANJEER - Yaari Hai iman Mera Yaar Meri Zindagi (Friendship is my Faith, My Friend is my Life).

The last Friendship song for this post, was released in the year 1999 (takes me back to my RJ days at AIR FM) and featured in the school film - Rockford - Yaaron Dosti.

So once again, wishing all my friends (schoolmates, college friends, colleagues at work, students, neighbours, associates, acquaintances and just everybody around...),  a VERY VERY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY... It's great to be connected.  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Parents Day

May - 2nd Sunday - Mothers Day

June - 3rd Sunday - Fathers Day

July - 4th Sunday - ???

May is for Mother's, June for Father's and July for both of our wonderful PARENTS... yes, for Papa and Mama... because Papa Loves Mama.

Like every year, this year as well the Sunday School at our parish celebrated Parents Day. While the Sunday School along with the Family Cell in the parish organised a session on Parenting In the Digital Age, the children were busy with art. Most of the classes spent their hour creating beautiful cards to gift their parents. But I was pleasantly surprised when I received this as a WhatsApp message from my elder son's Sunday School class.

As a child, I usually associated Parent's Day with December - that's when we used to celebrate it in school. Parents and Prize Day was actually our Annual Day when we, students, put up some talented performances for our parents to enjoy (and be happy about)... from One-Act Plays, to Dances (Traditional Dances - snake dance, tribal dances - as well as from Around the World) to an array of songs (a performance I always was a part of). While I remember singing for a Christmas Play while in Grade 2, I also recall the many plays on mythology performed on the same stage (discussed in the print column Devlok authored by my batchmate Devdutt Pattanaik. As we put up these pereformances, we had one question for them... Do I Make You Proud?

The observance of Parents Day in July is actually to celebrate the feast of the St. Joachim and St. Anne (that actually falls today - July 26th) - the parents of the Mother of Jesus - whom we affectionately honour as Mother Mary. 

The day is also celebrated as 'Grandparents Day'. I'm sure that they had some influence in His upbringing - just like our own have (or have had) in our own wellbeing... Thanks to you... for You Raised Me Up.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Fourth of July

Just yesterday my son was asking me for suggestions for patriotic hymns. The only one I could think of was 'Rise India'. But on the Fourth of July - Independence Day in America , I thought I'd use this blog  to share all the American Patriotic songs that I know and love. 

What better way to start the blogpost than with the National Anthem - The Star Sprangled Banner.

For the music trivia lover, the most famous version of that track would be unmistakably the Jimi Hendrix performance at Woodstock in 1970. 

During the one trip I made to the USA nine years ago, I recall attending Church on Sunday when the choir began to sing this song - America The Beautiful.

Back home in Mumbai, I remember singing the next song as a child of 7 or 8. Never knew at the time that it was an American Patriotic Song - Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Another song I remember as a child, and possibly heard among the family medleys was this classic - This Land Is Your Land.

So whether your a native American or one of my many Indian friends who live there, here's wishing you a Happy Fourth of July. Yes, Happy Independence Day. God Bless America.

While looking for videos for these songs, I chanced upon an interesting compilation of the Top Ten Most Patriotic Songs from

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Purple Train or Purple Rain

Have you ever seen a Purple Train? 

Mumbai has got a lot of colour nowadays... and its going to get even more in the coming years... with the Mumbai metro proceeding in to develop the next phase really fast... though one wonders when the Monorail will be extended to the proposed network. I'm sure we'll also see some purple trains...

While we have to wait and see how things move ahead, yesterday was a Purple Train day at the North Shore Scenic Railroad in Minnesota, US - the reason? Celebrating a musical birthday. The birthday of Prince - who gave us Purple Rain.

I shared this post last year on #PrinceDay, the invitation to locals to wear purple...

While most conversation about Prince tends to be about his Purple Reign, I can't help but notice one more colour (or actually a non-colour) on his palette. Have you come across Cream.

What's colour can you spot on of the background of the video screenshot above? That's a rhetoric question....

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Colours in Life.... 100 years of Dean

Do you know any song with your name in it?

If you're name is Maria... then you probably find it difficult to keep track of the songs with your name. My sister Priya had songs in Hindi with her name in them.

Though I have a common name - you'd find two or three Sunil's in any gathering, no matter how small. But I have the privilege to hear my surname in this one song. 

Nel blu di pinto di blu is literally translated from Italian to 'In the blue that is painted blue'. So I guess the Pinto in the song is a conjugation of the verb that has something to do with paint. And speaking of blue, there a lot more blue in my name. Never knew the meaning of my name till one baby names guide translated Sunil to 'Deep Dark Blue'.

And while we are in the blue, you probably heard the phrase “once in a blue moon”. Do you know what it means... As far as I know, the 'blue moon' refers to the second occurence of the moon in a calendar month... but I look forward to this Blue Moon.

Actually had a jumpy version of that song for a while sung by The Marcels. While blue in music often refers to sadness, the Blue Moon here had a wonderful sense of Amore.

That's a whole lot of love going around... and we all know that Everybody Loves Somebody sometime.

If you've been following this blog over any part of the past two years, you possibly would've guessed that this post is a tribute to Dean Martin... oh yes, it is. I still remember finding a cassette (you may not know what that is anymore) of his songs at home and really enjoyed these oldies. And of course my Dad enjoyed singing a lot of these songs including Buona Sera.

An on this wonderful evening we recall the wonderful music that Dean Martin gave us during his lifetime that started A Hundred Years From Now.

This tribute to a great singer would be incomplete without the wish for a Pink (read happy) life - La Vie En Rose.

We've been from Blue to Pink... which colour comes next?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

And I Love You So

Just wrote a blogpost about a famous birthday... the birthday of a modern saint canonized as recently as 2014... maybe you know Giovanni Paolo... Read more about him at Walking With Jesus...

While Saint John Paul II spend over 26 years as head of the Catholic Church, another famous person who shares his birthday enjoyed a musical career spanning over 50 years. That's Perry Como. And my favorite song on his list is this one my dad used to sing... And I Love You So...

Perry Como would have been 105 today. He passed away just about a week before his 89th birthday in 2001. 

While they have gone ahead before here's a living legend of Country Music - George Strait at 65 today... right in the Heartland.

Nearly midnight in Mumbai... Stay tuned for more on #AMusicalTwistToLife

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