Friday, October 14, 2016

Hanging with Cliff

As I sat down yesterday reminiscing about the Simon and Garfunkel duets and group songs I've sung through the years, I didn't realize that today was the birthday of a singer whose song won me not just a prize but a trophy at the age of just seven with the song Lucky Lips.

The song has such wonderful memories that I taught my sons to sing it. Will share their covers some other time. 

As I moved into the teens, another couple of Cliff Richard songs ranked high on my repertoire. The first being in a similar genre to my childhood favorite - Living Doll.

This love ballad of Cliff Richard caught my attention, not just because of its sentimentality, but also because it had a chord that I came across for the first time - a C+. The song was a C+ song - Constantly.

Was checking for other mentions of Cliff Richard in this blog and found Wedding Pullav and Lagan Nu Custard (A Musical Wedding) - a post I'd written just two days after his birthday last year commemorating the Silver Wedding Anniversary of one of my cousins - who sang his song as the Bridal Special at her own wedding. 

In fact you hear Cliff Richard at every wedding even today - co-inciding with the cutting of the Wedding Cake. The song being a common wish - Congratulations.

Trust you enjoyed that Medley and were possibly snapping your fingers or tapping your feet.

While his songs are played at every wedding and possibly occasion, Cliff Richard has remained a Bachelor Boy.

If you were wondering where that video was from, it was from the movie starring Cliff Richard and The Shadows - Summer Holiday.



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