Saturday, April 16, 2016

Record Store Day

When was the last time you spent time at the Record Store?

Today, the third Saturday of April, is 'Record Store Day'. While reading the outline about the day, my mind raced back to an April day in 1988, when I first walked into the Music Record Library at Akashvani Bhavan - the home of All India Radio in Mumbai. 

As a teenager in college, I'd spend hours at the Radio Station, selecting music for my shows or just browsing through the amazing library of vinyl records held there. That's where I discovered some absolute gems of music and songs, I never ever knew existed. And of course discovered Classical music in an absolutely new way. 

A few years later when I started compering and DJ-ing at weddings and other occasions, I needed to be abreast of the latest and the best of music available. Working with a leading Mumbai ad agency, there was also disposable income at hand to fuel my passion of music. If I ever found myself with an hour or so to spare in South Bombay, I'd walk into this hallowed halls of Mumbai's music journey. 

Rhythm House Kala Ghoda is where I could spend hours browsing through their enormous collection of music. And what's special about this place, is the knowledge that the sales guys would have and share on any genre of music, or any artist that you would be interested in. Way before computer apps were developed to track stocks and inventory, you'd get pleasing answers to your questions, and know just when the CD you requested would be available. 

A few months ago, in the Digital Marketing course I was conducting at a leading Mumbai management institute, I was discussing a Case Study on the Digital Revolution disrupting the Music Industry. And just a few months ago, this icon of Mumbai lost its battle with the digital world shutting down its doors on the physical store forever. 

On Record Day today, I'm going through my CD collection, nostalgic about the good old 'Record Store' Days. Besides Rhythm House, I also remember the 'Sound Out' at Heera Panna and 'Hiro Music House' at Fort and Bandra - that have their stamp in my music collection. Thanks to the 'Record Store' for being there for me and adding all that music in my life...

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