Friday, October 16, 2015

Wedding Pullav and Lagan Nu Custard (A Musical Wedding)

Do you have weddings lined up in the next few weeks or months? I'm sure you do.... I do have a few friends getting married...and my calendar of occasions to emcee is fast getting filled up....

Over the past few months, my Facebook page has carried posts on some extraordinary musical weddings, including one like this.

25 years ago today, I attended a truly musical wedding. And I thought I could use this blog to wish the couple "A Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary", with the prayer that Silver turns to Gold and Platinum.... 

My cousin M is the first person in my generation of the family to sing on TV. She sang on a show on DD Mumbai called 'Young World' that was hosted then by Bikram Vohra. In the 80s, when bands played at most weddings, she would always be requested to come up and sing a couple of songs on stage. But her own wedding was truly exceptional since she managed to sing from the centre of the floor at the Willingdon Catholic Gymkhana with accompaniment from the band on stage (Was it the Bonnaventures?). 

Congratulations. This is your song. (I could only find the Cliff Richard version on YouTube. Maybe you need to upload your own version there too).

Bollywood joins me in wishing you...They've released a special Wedding comedy on your Silver Wedding Day. Do watch and enjoy Wedding Pullav. Here's the title track. 

And for all you wonderful people out there, make sure you're invited to many weddings this season... Enjoy the wonderful celebrations including the Wedding Pullav and Lagan Nu Custard (or any other dessert served).

If you need help with a Wedding, Anniversary or any other occasion, please feel free to call. 

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